Confused about which Clash Royale Creator Codes to use and which creators to support today? Don’t worry, you’ve come to just the right place!

You could be an ambitious player looking to improve at Clash Royale by watching some videos. You could also be someone new to the game looking for tips on how to play it better. No? Then instead, maybe you’re just looking for a bit of fun Clash Royale content? Whichever of the three you are, by the end of this article, you’ll have what you’re looking for.

But first, for those of us who do not know…

What are Clash Royale Creator Codes?

Creator Codes in Clash Royale are short character codes that you enter in order to support your favourite content creator in the game. In order to do so, head on over to the left-most tab in the game. This is the shop section. Then, scroll to the very bottom and voila! There you have it, the place where you enter the code.

Why should you use Clash Royale Creator Codes?

Your use of Clash Royale Creator Codes helps support certain creators in the game. So, how does this happen? Well, a part of the proceeds from your in-game purchases goes to the creator you support! This is a major financial aid and helps them grow. Moreover, it helps ensure a deeper bonding between the creators and players within the community.

Also, just about anybody can apply for a creator code. Even you! No restrictions!

For a detailed guide on how you can be the next big content creator for Supercell, click here.

Which Content Creators should you follow right now?

Now, let’s get to the business end of the things. For your comfort, we’ll divide the type of content into 3 groups. This way, you can figure out what type of content to watch, by yourself.

First of all, we have pure and professional gameplay content. For this category, our first pick is CWA: Clash Royale (code: cwa). This is one of the game’s oldest and most famous channels. It is hosted by Tim Evans aka Ash. He uploads videos featuring the best in action, daily, along with deck tips. However, though a great creator, CWA is no pro. So, if you want content straight from the pros themselves, look no further than Morten Royale (code: morten) and Boss Cr (code: boss). Both of these guys are players of very high skill and calibre.

Next in line, we have the category of fun and meme content. The very best in this genre at present, with no room for doubt, is B-rad (code: brad). A former professional from Canada, his videos are full of humour and some great gameplay. Next up, we have another Canadian, Orange Juice (code: oj). OJ, like Ash, is another very popular creator. His videos are not just funny but extremely informative and technical.

Finally, we come to the third group which is for good content in general. Legendaray (code: legendaray), Sir Tag CR (code: sirtag), Clash with Shane (code: shane) and Nyte Owl (code: owl) are some other really good creators in this bracket. Though not as famous as the ones above, they are still very helpful and watching them is certainly worth it.

In case you’re feeling nostalgic, you can check also out Molt (code: molt) and Nickatnyte (code: nyte) for content from the early years of the game.


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