AJ Styles wants Tag Team Gold in the WWE and already has a partner in mind. Styles is just a Tag Title away from being a Grand Slam Champion in the WWE.

AJ Styles has been a massive star in the WWE. He joined the promotion in January 2016 and in just 4 years he is already a 2-time WWE Champion and 3-time United States Champion. He has also won the Intercontinental Championship once.

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The Phenomenal One is currently involved in a storyline involving Jeff Hardy and Sami Zayn for the Intercontinental Championship. Styles, who is only a tag title shy from being a Grand Slam Champion in the WWE, however, has acknowledged that he does want to pursue them before he calls time on his WWE Career.

AJ Styles wants Tag Team Gold and already has a partner in mind

“At some point before I retire, I hope I have the opportunity to win the tag team championships, and then I’ll do what very little have done, and be able to say that I’ve had ‘em all in WWE. So, we shall see,” Styles revealed on his Twitch stream this week.

Styles admitted wanting to win the title with the man he replaced in the Bullet Club, Finn Balor.

“It would be a Too Sweet moment, for sure, if we won the tag team titles together, right? That’s what everybody wants. Let’s just give everybody what they want. That’d be awesome.”

This is not the first time Styles has expressed interest in teaming up with Balor. He even went so far as to suggest moving to NXT to make it happen. Balor reciprocated the idea but preferred having a rematch with the Phenomenal One instead.

“He’s someone I would love to not only tag with but be in the ring in some capacity. Whether it’s standing across the ring from him one-on-one or if it’s standing side-by-side, I think we would make a great tag team. Whether it’s in NXT, Raw or SmackDown, I would love to be in there with AJ,” Balor told CBS Sports.

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