“Against the element of sport”- Sebastian Vettel opposes the inclusion of reverse grid in Formula 1 Grand Prix, criticizes Ross Brawn’s plans.

Formula 1’s managing director Ross Brawn is trying best to include reverse-grid into Formula 1, however, there has been a staunch opposition to this decision.

And now, even Sebastian Vettel has taken a stand against the inclusion of reverse-grid in the Grand Prix events as he believes that it’s inclusion means F1 has failed to provide better alternates to improve the competition.

“If you are pushing in that direction [it’s] a testimony that you failed to come up with regulations and tools that bring the field more together and make racing better on the track,” said Vettel to the Racefans.

“I mean, as a reminder, we had new front wing regulations which cost everybody a fortune, but ultimately haven’t changed much in terms of racing.”

Last year Formula 1 announced plans for radical changes to car aerodynamics for 2021 in order to improve the quality of racing. These were postponed by a year as a cost-saving measure following the Covid-19 pandemic.

“Obviously the hopes are on 2022 for the regulation changes,” said Vettel. “I think we need to fix that and address the main points rather than trying to play the lottery.” Vettel said using a reverse grid to produce unexpected results “is just against the element of sport and competition.”

“As a competitor, as much as I don’t like other people to win, I have to accept if other people win or do a better job,” he said. “Therefore I think it would be wrong in the name of sport to try and mix things up that way.”

Toto Wolff has the same points to make

Mercedes’ Toto Wolff has heavily criticized the decision of including reverse grid in the racing and remarked that F1 is not a reality show that it needs to provide fabricated entertainment.

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It is Mercedes that is dominating the sport currently, and with the reverse grid, they wouldn’t want to have allegedly an unfair and uncontrollable deficit in hand.


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