Russell Westbrook demands the Lakers double team him while the Houston Rockets are down by 29 points in Game 5.

Russell Westbrook is quite a polarizing character in the entirety NBA landscape. Westbrook fans swear by him and reiterate that he is a winning player and still one of the best players in the league.

People who are not Westbrook fans take to Twitter to slander him, calling him out on every single missed shot and turnover.

The Russell Westbrook “haters” had their hands full these Playoffs, as Russ performed poorly for the Rockets, shooting a mere 43% from the field. This might be a forgettable series for the Russell Westbrook as he did not perform up to the mark but he wasn’t without his classic Russ moments.

Russell Westbrook taunts the Lakers while trailing by 29; LeBron laughs

Russell Westbrook might be one of the only players in the league to flex on the opposing team while trailing by almost 30 points.

With the score 103-74, Russ catches the ball on the left wing and gets doubled by Rondo and Caruso, forcing him to give the ball up. The 2017 MVP then proceeds to yell “You better double me.”

This prompted LeBron James to chuckle in Westbrook’s face. The reaction from the Lakers star was hilarious, as it clearly showed how far apart the two teams were.

This is quite reminiscent of when Kevin Porter  Jr. dunked on Norvelle Pelle while being down by 44 points and then flexed on him.

Atleast Porter Jr. made that shot.

Should Russell Westbrook be traded?

It is quite clear that Westbrook and James Harden do not mesh as well as the Rockets front office wanted them too.

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If it came down to trading one of those 2, Westbrook will obviously be the one who gets shipped off to a different team.


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