Ed Herman Registers a Controversial Comeback Victory Against Mike Rodriguez at UFC Vegas 10.

In a Light Heavyweight bout, Ed Herman and Mike Rodriguez squared off against each other at UFC Vegas 10. It was a 3-round fight, and went to the distance, where Rodriguez was successful in gaining the initial momentum, and was dominant throughout the fight. At the end of second round and also at the start of third, Rodriguez was all over Herman, and had trapped him in a position where a TKO victory was seemingly inevitable. However, what transpired afterwards can be perceived as another incident of misconception by the referee.

The match official Chris Tognoni might have stopped the match on a Number of occasions, but looked for a more comprehensive finish, which worked in favor of Ed Herman. In the closing stage of the match, Short Fuse made an incredible comeback, and turned the situation upside down. The 39-year-old locked Mike Rodriguez in a Kimura lock, and gave him no choice but to tap. The match ended at the 4:01 mark of Round 3.

Watch What Happened in the match

Immediate Reaction after the Fight

The MMA community evidently observed what happened, and could not resist reacting.

Ed Herman’s Post Match Comments

Herman in the post match comments, addressed the issue and acknowledged the fact that he was struck down, but his experience pulled him through.

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