Dana White Used Stern Words To Describe The Controversial Incident That Took Place at UFC Vegas 10.

Dana White is not evidently amused over the way Ed Herman Vs. Mike Rodriguez took place. The fight became a subject of controversy after referee seemingly made a misconception, which impacted the ultimate result. What Happened in the fight? In the Light Heavyweight Fight at UFC Vegas 10, referee Chris Tognoni apparently made a judgement error, first by not stopping the fight after Rodriguez downed Herman in Round 2, and later by pausing the fight after mistaking a knee strike with a groin kick. His call saw consequences, as after that, in the bout Ed Herman made an incredible comeback and snatched victory from the jaws of defeat.

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Dana White exclaims “That was One of the worst things I’ve ever seen”

In the post event press address, UFC president Dana White was asked about the finish and he wan’t supportive of the referee’s decision, instead he said, “That Was One Of The Worst Things I’ve ever seen.” Dana White criticised official’s decision, and Stated, “It is hard not to bang on this guy. That Kid wins by Knock Out, Technical Knock Out, and loses the fight. I was all over him tonight about replay, we have to have reply, it’s got to be replay. All you got to do is look at the F****** replay that’s playing 6000 times while Herman’s on the ground, say Oh! s*** I’ve made a mistake. You are human, you can’t see everything.”

White later conveyed all praise to Ed Herman, as despite taking all the shots, he showed persistence and ended up winning the fight. However, he stood firm on his stance that, it was one of the most disgusting things indeed.

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