Colin Kaepernick took to Twitter to effectively call the NFL’s stand against social injustice a farce. Kaepernick points to Eric Reid being blackballed as justification.

Here is the full Tweet that Kaepernick sent out.

Colin Kaepernick and Eric Reid’s Protests

Kapernick and Reid were the pioneers of the National Anthem protesting in the NFL in 2016. Kapernick was the first to do it but his then-teammate, Eric Reid quickly joined him.

Reid’s protests weren’t as polarizing as Kaepernick’s as he was far less vocal about it but that doesn’t mean they didn’t garner the attention of the league.

Before joining the Panthers in 2018, Reid was set to file a lawsuit citing collusion against him during the free agency period. Reid cited being asked by a prospective team about what his plans were with regards to kneeling.

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Why does Kaepernick think Reid is being blackballed?

Kaepernick has great evidence to back his claim that Reid is being blackballed by the league. Reid is coming off  career year with the Panthers, and yet he has no contract offers.

Last year, Reid tallied 130 solo tackles, second most in the NFL among defensive backs, and four sacks, both of which were franchise records for the Panther for defensive backs. He was even playing through a shoulder injury, a sprained ankle, and a sprained MCL.

He produced on every level, but he still can’t find himself a job. Why is that, is he too old? Are there no teams that could use him? The answers to both of those questions are definitive no’s.

Reid is only 28 years old, still in the prime of his career, and he would fit a number of teams. The Los Angeles Chargers just lost star safety Derwin James for the season due to injury, and they could certainly use him.

The New York Jets just let go of All-Pro safety Jamal Adams, and Eric Reid could fill a major hole in that secondary. Reid would also make a perfect fit in Houston Texans’ secondary, who lost Tashaun Gipson, alongside his brother Justin Reid.

Reid’s play speaks for itself but his fight against social injustice may be more important. Here is what ex-Panthers head coach, Ron Rivera, had to say about Reid’s impact.

At a time when social discrimination against the African-American community is at an all time high, players like Eric Reid and Colin Kaepernick stand out as role models. Perhaps Kaepernick is right about the NFL as the league has seemed largely lackluster with its response to these major issues.

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