Description: NBA DFS And Fantasy Team Picks, Studs, Values, Projections, Match Centre on September 12: Denver Nuggets manage to buy breathing space after hitting back hard in game 5

On the brink of exiting NBA 2019-20, Denver Nuggets showed that they are not going to go down without a fight. Much like their showing against Utah Jazz in the playoffs where they came back from 3-1 to take the series, Denver should pluck and grit to erase the margin of trail to 3-2 against the Clippers.

While the Clippers are an entirely different specimen as compared to Utah Jazz, Denver’s 111-105 win the last time around is bound to imbue confidence in Denver’s ranks. The team finally has the momentum it was yearning for and having traversed a similar situation not too long back, they are more than capable adversities to the Clippers come game 6 today.

DraftKings NBA DFS Picks


Kawhi Leonard, 17,100

Leonard is a man out on a mission this season. He’s been dependable and consistent all season long and has ensured he’s not dipped his levels in the conference semi-finals either with him dropping 36 points, 4 assists and 9 rebounds in game 5.

Nikola Jokic, 10,800

Nikola just can’t put on wrong foot forward for Denver Nuggets at the moment. The side’s centre is leaving no stone unturned to perturb the Clippers with his imperious form finally translating into a win as he pulled off 22 points and 14 rebounds the last time around. 

Paul George, 9,600

Gone are the days when George was being smeared and belittled for his stumbling form. He’s now well settled into his groove, showing why he’s held in such high esteem with him shooting 26 points and pulling off the 6 dimes and 6 boards apiece in game 5. 

Gary Harris, 5,000

He might have tottered his way through game 5 but Gary Harris will continue to be entrusted by us. He can backstep and shoot the offhanded shots for his side, ones which make him an untenable name inside the paint.

Monte Morris, 3,800

At a measly price tag of 3,800 credits, Morris was too good to let out of our grasps. Be it the midrange region or deep, his penchant for opening the slot and shooting triples saw him deliver 12 points for Denver in game 5.

JaMychal Green, 3,400

Limited minutes make him a dicey pick but Green more than makes up for it with his expansive attributes. The player has an affinity for guarding his side’s post, protecting the rim to perfection with his blocks and deflections. 

DraftKings NBA DFS Team Disclaimer

All our selections are based on in-depth and astute analysis of the players partaking in the match and a perusal of other reasoning. Please incorporate a slew of factors while crafting your own side with this article serving as a guide to the match and players.


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