Kimi Raikkonen F1: The Finn was expected to retire at the end of this season, but Alfa Romeo hints they could offer a lifeline to the legend.

Kimi Raikkonen recent spoke about plans for retirement, and the want to spend time with his family. Now, his Alfa Team Boss Frederic has suggested they could continue beyond the end of this season.

“Yeah, sure. If we are all interested to collaborate and the collaboration is good, it will make sense to continue.”

Vasseur also spoke about the Ferrari Junior drivers, who are taking F2 by storm. These drivers are also in content for a seat in the Italian team for the 2021 F1 season. The chances are that Antonio Giovinazzi would have to make way at the end of this season, after recent disappointing performances.

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“We have some Ferrari drivers, junior drivers. But you have Kimi first for us, to know what he wants to do and what we want to do with him and then we will see with the other ones.”

Could Sergio Perez join Alfa Romeo in 2021?

Vasseur was also asked about the possibility of outgoing Racing Point driver Sergio Perez joining instead. And as expected, considering the Mexican’s calibre, Vasseur has put him in contention too.

“I think that Checo is interested in all the seats on the grid, available at least.”

Vasseur also confirmed the driver’s line up for 2021 will be taken after due consultation with Raikkonen and Giovinazzi. A decision is expected sometime later this year. He also added that a lot of options are present before them, with Nico Hulkenberg certainly one of them.

“I told you last week or the week before, in the course of September we will have the discussion with our drivers about next year and then we will decide together what we have to do. For sure, now, we have plenty of drivers available on the list.”


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