Kawhi Leonard and co. seemed to have gone completely cold as Nuggets pull a 32 point turnaround in the second half. He was asked if the Clippers choked today?

The Clippers failed to get the job done, yet again. After being up 3-1, the Clippers blew a 16 point lead in Game 5, to force a Game 6. The Nuggets ate up a 19 point lead held by the Clippers, to win the Game 111-98 and force a Game 7.

A red-hot Clippers team were leading the Nuggets by 16 at half-time, but could not close the deal as they could only manage 35 second-half points. The Clippers stars combined for a total of58 out of the 98 points scored, but it wasn’t enough to finish the series.

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“Did you choke today?” Reporter asks Kawhi Leonard

Kawhi Leonard was blatantly asked in the post-game interview whether he choked tonight, and he replied by saying they went cold since the 3rd quarter. The Clippers were getting stops and were taking the ball up the floor, but either ended turning it over or they could not convert the opportunity into points.

Role players, the key differential tonight

While the Clippers stars may have put up numbers on the board, but it wasn’t enough as their role players were outplayed by the Nuggets players. The contribution of Lou Willaims, Montrezl Harrell, Marcus Morris Sr, Pat Bev and Zubac was missed tonight.

The Nuggets did an excellent job of containing the role players tonight and the impact could be seen in the second half. The Nuggets managed to upset the Clippers twice in a row, when the Clippers were one game away from clinching the WCF berth.

In order to secure the win on Tuesday, the Clippers apart from Kawhi and PG would have to figure out a way to be more productive and helpful to their team.


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