Nikola Jokic was pretty appreciative of his teammate Jamal Murray’s toughness after Murray took a hit from PG on a layup.

In the early minutes of the 3rd quarter, before everything fell apart for the Clippers, Paul George blocks a Murray lay-up, Murray lands strange on the floor and does not get up the next possession. Coach Malone calls a timeout and sits Murray down, after getting to the extent of pain Murray is feeling. Murray checked back in soon, and he and Jokic turned the game around for the Nuggets.

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“He’s a dog who isn’t going to quit” Nikola Jokic on Murray’s injury

Jokic and Murray share a special bond, and why wouldn’t they. They both have been playing together since Murray got drafted in 2016 and have had one of the best records in the league for the past three seasons.

When Jokic was asked post-game as to how concerned was he when Murray was late to get up after the PG block, he emphasised on how Murray was ‘a dog’ who was never going to give up without a fight.

Can the Nuggets duo defeat the Clippers duo?

Nikola Jokic and Jamal Murray vs Kawhi Leonard and Paul George. Who have you got?

The Nuggets take on the Clippers for a decider Game 7 at 9 PM ET on Tuesday to finalize who meets the Lakers in the WCF. The Clippers look to correct their mistakes and make sure they make franchise history by taking them to their first-ever WCF, whereas a young Nuggets team is out to prove their toughness. The keys that would decide the game would be:

  1. Role players playing well
  2. Defense
  3. Getting good looks for shots

Whichever team can check more boxes, would possibly win and advance to the next stage.


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