When it’s all said and done, the NBA is a big family with love and respect for each other, but the NBA is never truly free of bad blood.

The Rockets lost to the Lakers in the Western Conference Semi-Finals 4-1 and would make their way home tonight/tomorrow. The Lakers outplayed the Rockets after losing game 1 to them, beating them in the next 4 games. While the competition in-game was fierce. once the match and the series ended, the camaraderie remained.

The Rockets stayed behind, post-game to congratulate the Lakers on making the Western Conference Finals for the first time in the past 10 years. It was a sight of brotherhood and mutual admiration amongst the players, but one person did not engage in the same. Russell Westbrook.

Russell Westbrook was nowhere to be seen as soon as the match ended. The next sighting of Brodie came at the post-game conference.

The NBA brotherhood is real

At the end of a frustrating series against the Lakers, the Rockets held their emotions and waited to congratulate their Laker counterparts for their win. It was a beautiful sight and reaffirms out faith in the NBA family.

Was Russell Westbrook just mad or is there some bad blood?

While the other Rockets members stayed behind to congratulate Lakers, Brodie was nowhere to be seen.

It could just be him frustrated after the loss and he went back to the locker room, or is there some bad blood there?

Lakers’ vet Rajon Rondo passed a few comments to Russ in the 4th quarter, which had Brodie all stifled was it this or was Russ mad at his teammates?

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