Giannis Antetokounmpo, whose Bucks team bowed out of the NBA playoffs in an ignominous 4-1 defeat to the Miami Heat, is considering his options with the team.

The Milwaukee Bucks got dumped out of the playoffs even earlier this year than last season, when they were league leaders for the first time.

Much of the blame can be attributed to Giannis and his decision-making, but his teammates were also not that great in clutch time. There’s no doubt that Milwaukee isn’t a free agent destination, so there isn’t much the Bucks can do to strengthen the team this offseason.

Giannis conducts meeting with Bucks management

No doubt Giannis wants to reconsider his options given that he is going to be a free agent next year. Even though he stated his loyalty to the franchise in his last press conference, he will definitely be considering all the options for himself.

The Bucks would like to hold on to him for the long term, but they might be better served getting the best package for themselves if Giannis refuses to sign an extension in the offseason.

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There are tons of rumors linking the Greek Freak to teams around the league. The Heat, the Raptors, the Warriors and the Mavericks are some of the prominent ones considered to be having a chance.

Given the favorable nature of Giannis’ contract for the team trading for him, the Bucks are not going to receive dollar for dollar the same amount of talent.

Giannis stands to earn $25,000,000 for the 2020-21 season. That’s the same salary as Steven Adams is slated to earn through the next season.

If Giannis does indeed decide to move, a lot of fans will call out the reigning MVPs interview post playoff exit this season, wherein he vowed to stay back in Milwaukee and fight for his franchise.


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