Envy Valorant Roster : In early July, Envy entered Valorant by signing the orgless team of Together We Are Terrific roster.

Their performances were incredible which resulted Envy signing them, even after their signing they continued their streak of incredible performances.

They placed 2nd and 3rd in multiple tournaments but couldn’t achieve the top step.

Former T1 players food and crashies who were released from the org earlier in the month.

Envy didn’t waste any time in signing them and this move eventually resulted aKis and c4lypso to be benched from the active roster.

The move can also suggest the recent investigation made by Esports Integrity Commission(ESIC) over match fixing allegation in CS:GO surfacing many current Valorant pros.

The result of the investigation will determine the futures of many players.

Who is Victor “food” Wong ?

The former T1 player food is one of the top prospect players in NA right now.

With an average 231 ACS and consistency of 1.13 KD, and 0.79 KPR throughout his tenure at T1.

He was the first player to reach radiant rank after the official release of the game.

food mains Phoenix, Breach and his prime Raze.

food’s achievements consist of 2nd place finish at T1 x NSG showdown and 5th-8th finish at the PAX invitational.

The last tournament he played with T1 was at the Pop Flash Invitational where the team bowed out in the group stage.

Who is Austin “crashies” Roberts?

Not long after the signing of food, Envy announced the signing of crashies who was food’s teammate at T1 was released by the org along with food.

Crashies has performed very well during his tenure at T1 averaging 214 ACS and had a 1.13 KD and 0.76 KPR.

He mains Cypher and Omen mainly.

Crashies achievements are just identical as food as both them started their Valorant careers together in T1.

He also had incredible performances against Team Kephrii at the PAX Invitational where in the series he got 312 and 330 ACS on Ascent and Bind.


Envy also announced that aKis and c4lypso have been benched and  have been moved to the reserve roster.

Pujan “FNS” Mehta
Anthony “mummAy” DiPaolo
Jake “kaboose” McDonald
Victor “food” Wong
Austin “crashies” Roberts

Adam “aKis” Kissebert (Benched)
Abdo “c4Lypso” Agha (Benched)



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