Clash Royale Decks: The guards are on boost this season! So, here are some of the best guards decks and meta predictions for you in mid-ladder.

Season 15 is here and with the Guards on boost, it is no wonder that these pesky little helmeted Larrys are all over the place. Everyone is using them!

What meta changes will the boosted Guards cause?

There is no doubt of the fact that boosted Guards will heavily influence Season 15, especially around mid-ladder. Players should expect to see a drastic reduction in Prince usage rates throughout the game. Since Guards are among the best hard counters to the card with a positive elixir trade, the change is inevitable. Likewise, Mini Pekka and Bandit use rates should also drop significantly. Both of those troops are just too inefficient at destroying the Guard shields. However, given their relatively cheaper cost, they might not suffer as much as the Prince. Poor him!

On the other hand, usage rates for all splash cards across the board should rise. Players should expect to see the dark prince a lot. He is likely to be substituted for the Prince in most decks to counter the best guards decks.

Best Guards Decks this season.

Here are some of the Best Guards Decks for Season 15:

  1. Skeleton family with Musky and Fish Boy: Giant Skeleton, Graveyard, Fisherman, Guards, Poison, Snowball, Musky and Baby Dragon. So, fisherman and Musky are OP for defence. On the other hand, Graveyard-Poison with the Giant Skeleton is your classic offence.
  2. GobGiant Sparky Fishboy: Goblin Giant, Lightning, Guards, Hunter, Fisherman, Barb Barrel, Sparky and Snowball. Here, the Hunter-Fishboy and GobG-Sparky combos are OP at either end. Guards make for a nice utility card.
  3. Mega Knight Ram Rider Control: Mega Knight, Ram Rider, Poison, Minions, Snowball, Inferno Dragon, Guards and Bandit. So, Ram Rider is really strong in the meta and can deal with enemy Guards. Mega Knight is also a great defensive unit. The rest of the cards fill up their roles perfectly.

Counters against Best Guards Decks this season:

T0 counter the Best Guards Decks out there, just remember one word – Splash! That’s right! Lost of Splash!

  1. Splashyard with Bomb Tower: Here we have Knight, Baby Dragon, Ice Wizard, Poison, Tornado, Graveyard, Bomb Tower and Barb Barrel. So, great defence with the Wiz-nado-bomb tower combo. Also, lots of GY tankage.
  2. Barb Hut-Splashyard: For this, check out our detailed guide here.
  3. New Spirit Bait: For this one, check out CWA’s detailed video here.

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