Even though the game released in 2018, Among Us is the new talking point in gaming right now becoming more popular day by day.

Popular streamers and YouTubers play the game as it is the new source of content and the “Emergency Meeting” meme is the new joke in town as the meme suggest the current mood of 2020.

Among Us for those who don’t know about the game read our previous article as we discuss why the game got so popular during the pandemic.

There are 2 opportunities where you vote of the impostor one when you find a dead body and the other is by calling an emergency meeting.

The meeting is where all the talk comes through where they discuss about positions where the players were and try to vote of the impostor.

Emergency Meeting is where when you see one of the players suddenly jump into the vent or stabbing an ally, you hit this button so you can vote the impostor out to its death.

If an Emergency meeting pops up there is bound to be drama full of theories and the conversation is full of accusations and defenses.

Clever Impostors will frame innocent bystanders and make them suspicious to others to get them ejected.

The meme started to unfold when people started to use the meeting as a way to troll other players who give attention to what your speaking.

Clever guys start the meeting if they find streamer in the game to plug in their social media.

Among Us Emergency Meeting memes have captured the attention of redditor’s who take the abstract way of calling the meeting as the current situation of 2020.

“Wish I had the Red Button so that I could get things done in my real life”


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