Clans 2.0 is not the update Supercell thought it would be. The company finally brakes the silence over the flawed nature of Clan Wars 2.0.

This is one of Supercell’s best moves in recent times. The post on Reddit came from the Clash Royale Community Manager Drew Haycock and accounts for most of what had gone wrong in Clan Wars 2.0.

Thank you for accepting that Clan Wars 2.0 is broken, says community.

Drew said that the team had finally managed to regroup in-person for the first time post-COVID. They acknowledge the problem and are trying to fix it. The community on Reddit is really appreciative of the bold gesture. They admired Supercell for their transparency and look forward to similar engaging communication with the company. Fans and players had been requesting a response of this sort for some time now, after Clan Wars 2.0.

Here’s a list of the problems and possible solutions.

Primary Issues.

Drew’s post focused on 4 issues in particular.

A universal War Deck reset time, which gives players in certain timezones an undue advantage. A possible solution offered to this was the provision of local time zones for players of different regions. However, the eventual ranking would take place based on the Finish Time zone, Finland being Supercell’s headquarters.

Smaller Clans lose any chance of being competitive. With Clan Wars 2.0 turning into a boat race and players having a limited no. of attacks, small clans have found it much more difficult to compete. The bigger clans in Clan Wars 2.0 can finish the race way ahead of time due to the greater no. of players. Drew posted plenty of solutions for this one, starting with the possibility of “small Clan Wars”, probably a special mode. Another possible solution also listed was the provision of new Clan Creation Stats with 10-, 25- and 50-member clans respectively. Drew also mentioned reducing the Fame thresholds for smaller clans or giving players more than 4 attacks.

Clans that do not reach the fame-threshold, get no rewards. In a problem faced by most semi-active clans, if you fail to reach 50k fame as a clan, you get no rewards. Possible solutions include lowering the fame threshold or giving rewards based on river positions.

The Elephant on the Clan War 2.0 boat.

Finally, the issue that is the elephant on the Clan War 2.0 boat – faulty matchmaking! The solutions to this one include new stats beings taken into account such as Deck Power Levels or an Underdog system. However, the simplest and most intuitive solution, as Drew also must’ve realised, is to just put level caps on cards.

So, Drew was very vocal about the problems and possible solutions. However, he chose to stay tight-lipped on any future developments saying he would not reveal the Roadmap just yet.

The update was meant to be a “huge” affair, being the first major update to be rolled out in two years. However, Clan Wars 2.0 turned into a rather grim affair. With faulty matchmaking and no level caps in Clan battles, the F2P players are having a terrible time.

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