Mike Malone responded to Charles Barkley’s prediction that the Clippers would win Game 5 in humorous fashion, saying ‘We ain’t gone fishing yet’.

The Denver Nuggets staged an unlikely comeback in the 4th quarter of Game 5 in their Conference Semifinals. Outscoring the Clippers 38-25, they staged a comeback from a 16-point deficit at one point in the game.

Rookie Michael Porter Jr iced the game with a crucial 3-pointer in the closing stages.

Mike Malone’s light-hearted response to Charles Barkley

Charles Barkley has come under fire from all of NBA Twitter for his outlandish and inaccurate predictions for this year’s playoffs. Earlier in the playoffs, he predicted that the Blazers would sweep the Lakers.

He also predicted the Blazers to take Game 4 of their series and the Pacers to take Game 3 of theirs against the Heat. He really is yet to make an accurate prediction for this postseason.

During the half-time report, Charles Barkley gave a double guarantee that the Clippers would win the game and close the series.

Malone was quick to respond to Barkley’s guarantee in the post-game interview, and came up with a brilliant response.

Malone said that the Nuggets would definitely have something to say about the hyped Lakers-Clippers Conference Finals. In his mind, it wasn’t fishing time (vacation time) yet for the Nuggets, despite them being in a disadvantaged position.

Only last series, they had staged a comeback from a 3-1 deficit, though it was against the less talented Utah Jazz.

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As things stand, the Nuggets are still rank outsiders in the Conference Semifinals. The defensive lapses we saw from the Clippers are more likely an aberration than part of a pattern.

They are still the deepest roster in basketball and their 4th quarter offense will no doubt be better in their upcoming games.


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