More drama as Supercell suspends the Clan Wars 2.0 Creator Tournament for weeks 3 and 4 on grounds of unfair competition. Creator codes and their creators have made their presence felt.

The air, surrounding the community, is red-hot right now. The content creators and players alike are taking a stance in solidarity.

Why did Supercell cancel the Creator Tournament?

The primary cause underlying the suspension of the tournament is the unfair competition due to Time Zone and Member Cycling issues. This allowed players in certain timezones to enjoy an unfair advantage and get better attacking opportunities. So, Supercell suspended the Tournament for weeks 3 and 4.  A resumption will come in Week 5 as the issues are fixed. The suspension comes after several disgruntled players requested the creators to raise their voice and take a stand against the issue. The creators seem to have listened.

Unsettling times for Supercell.

This period will certainly go down in Clash Royale history as one of the most controversial times for the game. There is instability, outrage and deep discontent throughout the community and they are threatening to quit the game. Thus, Supercell has been thoroughly flustered throughout the week and is trying whatever they can to win back the community’s favour. After the initial spree of gem reimbursements, they followed up with an optional update fixing the Buttongate issue. However, neither of them seemed to do the trick. So, Supercell apologized on Reddit yesterday and promised improvements.

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What is the Creator Tournament?

In case you’re not aware of it already, Supercell has been hosting a Creator Tournament for the last two weeks in order to promote the new Clan Wars 2.0 update. The tournament consists of most of your favourite YouTubers whose creator codes you’ve been using – CWA, Orange Juice, B-Rad, Clash with Shane and so on. Each of these creators have to make their own clan and compete in the new boat race format. Moreover, there are rewards including a large no. of gems that Clan members will receive, based on their clan’s position. However, the most exciting part is that every content creator will receive Royale passes to give to their fans.

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