Rainbow Six Siege Shadow Legacy is a new DLC available for people with the season pass. It will be available worldwide on 17th September 2020.

The DLC has many surprises in store for the Rainbow Six veterans and could be a fun time regardless of how long you have been playing the game.

What we know about the game so far

Shadow Legacy reveals the return of the one and only Zero aka Sam Fisher as a new operator in the game. Some rework has been done in the map Chantel as well.

  • Zero is equipped with his improved Argus launcher that is equipped with special cameras that are lodged into both breakable and reinforced surfaces. The cameras are attached to the wall and can surveil either side. This can allow the player to effectively spy on the enemy team. This, however, isn’t the only quirk that they have. The Argus cameras can shoot a single laser shot which could be used to help destroy defender setups as well as clearing up choke points.
  • The primary weapon of Zero is the SC3000K and the MP7. The secondary weapon is the 5.7 USG pistol. The gadgets available for him are the Frag Grenade and the Claymore.

The rework done on Chantel is with the intention to make it a more viable pick for players while choosing maps. Some key points that they have worked upon are:

  • Minor changes were made to the Kitchen and Basement sites. A new hallway was added to the basement to improve the rotation of players in the Basement. The trophy site was switched for a new one in Dining.
  • Changes for better access and rotation were made to Bar and Gaming. Some doors were moved as well as a new hallway being added to the South Side to link Bar and Gaming together.
  • The biggest changes were made to the Office and Bedroom. The stairs that led up from the first floor have been moved to connect to Trophy and a brand new room has been added to replace the balcony next to the Master Bedroom: the Solarium. The bathroom now serves as a rotation point and does not connect to the bedroom.

Further changes that have been made in the DLC can be found on the Ubisoft Website.


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