Supercell partnered with Psyop and premiered its first-ever animated film “Lost and Crowned a Clash Short” exclusively on YouTube today.

The film premiered on Supercell’s Clash of Clans YouTube channel at approximately 3 AM GMT. The company also notified the players through in-game notifications pushed by Supercell across all 3 of its games – Clash of Clans, Brawl Stars and Clash Royale.

Lost and Crowned a Clash Short? What is the deal?

The animated film, which lasts for about 11 and a half minutes, accounts the adventures of two fragile, little skeletons, Peter and his brother Larry. The film begins with Peter and Larry’s mum, the Witch, seeing them off from a Clash of Clans village. Then, the brothers travel to the castle of the Red King from Clash Royale, where they have to guard the Red King’s coffers. However, Larry botches their task, trifles with the Gilded crown and brings complete chaos down upon everything.

Lost and Crowned a Clash Short is a member of a long line of cartoons from the Clash universe. Of these, the most famous is the Clash-a-Rama series. The short clips allow the fans of the two famous mobile games a chance to watch their favourite cards and troops in action outside their game lives.

Pre-production & Behind the Scenes.

Supercell managed to keep the workings of this project a secret for quite some time. However, it is estimated that work on the film began as early as July. The company teamed-up with their trusted partners Psyop and Skywalker Sound for the graphic and sound designing of the project, respectively. The team obviously did a very good job. The lush animation, full of quirky and minute details, brings the Clash universe to life like never before.

The Community’s reaction to Lost and Crowned a Clash Short.

The reaction from the community has been very positive with many fans appreciating the heartwarming, brotherly theme of the film. Moreover, the video is trending on YouTube and most fans have already made it a part of the meme culture. Some of these fans are so impressed that they are demanding a full-fledged Clash movie from Supercell as a follow-up. Lost and Crowned a Clash Short comes across as a breath of fresh air for Supercell, who’re otherwise suffering from some heavy community backlash due to their recent mismanagement of Clash Royale.

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