Konfig CS GO:: Konfig proved himself to be a worthy member of the team after he absolutely crushed it against Fnatic on Fnatic’s map pick. After getting a kill to death ratio of 26-5 he was definitely the star of the game as he led his team to a 16:4 victory on the last map.

With Complexity winning the Blast Premier Spring this year, they have shown that the feats they achieved were not just a one-off. After Konfig really showing up against Fnatic, we can safely say that he is a force to be reckoned with in the CSGO pro scene.

Thrashing Fnatic at their own map pick

With an ADR of 114.5 during the match, Konfig undoubtedly was the leading force that helped Complexity dominate Fnatic’s map pick: Mirage. He was seen getting cheeky through-the-smoke kills that led to the bomb plant being delayed. He even got some back to back high kill rounds which eventually lead to Fnatic losing out on some crucial post-plant situations.

The first map win on Mirage helped Complexity keep the pressure on Fnatic. They then suffered a drawn-out 3rd overtime loss on Nuke. However, they quickly recovered and established a convincing victory on  Vertigo with a 16-13 win. If Konfig can keep his form on point for the rest of ESL Pro League, then the best is truly yet to come.

To watch the whole match click here.


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