FS1 Undisputed expert Shannon Sharpe laid into the LA Clippers for a miserable defensive quarter at the end of Game 4, as they conceded 38 points in the period.

The LA Clippers lost Game 5 of their second round series to the Denver Nuggets in ignominous fashion. After leading scores for over 3 quarters, their defense fell apart in the final period.

They had precious little to offer on offense either, scoring only 25 points in the period and being over-reliant on All Stars Paul George and Kawhi.

Shannon Sharpe ridicules All-Defensive Team votes garnered by Clippers players

Shannon Sharpe is an ardent LeBron James stan, so it made sense that he was jubilant at how the Lakers’ crosstown rivals bottled this game.

He picked up on the accolades of the Clippers defenders to make it seem like they weren’t deserving of their honours. It didn’t matter that he was, in fact, factually incorrect in terms of the number of players in the All-Defensive team he attributed to the Clippers.

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Perhaps Sharpe meant to call Paul George, a First Team All-Defense player last year, the 3rd of their All-Defensive team players. And it does makes sense given how much George has locked Jamal Murray down over the course of this series.

The Clippers undoubtedly blew a chance to garner more rest than the Lakers, who can finish off their second round series tomorrow with a win.

Rest days are crucially important in the bubble, where teams are geared to play once every 2 days. The Miami Heat have already had 3 rest days before their own Conference Finals series.


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