“I’m not too comfortable with the car”- Sebastian Vettel introspects situation around him after his elimination from Q2 of Tuscan GP.

Sebastian Vettel is having a tough time with Ferrari, on top of it, he is in the last days with the team, as earlier in the season, he declared his departure.

In his recent appearances, Vettel has been a subject to massive humiliation, last one being his brake duct failure at Monza. Now, at Mugello, the German driver faced elimination in the Q2 and he has shared his opinion with the Sky Germany.

“I’m not too comfortable with the car at the moment. But we will keep on biting our way through to improve step by step. Today there are again things we could have done better. We’ll see how it will be tomorrow.” said Vettel.

Vettel will start from P14 on Sunday, and it is unlikely he will score points, or even if he does, it won’t be significant to the standards of Ferrari.

On the other hand, Vettel’s teammate Charles Leclerc has a promising place in the grid to start, as he will be in P5, and could contest for the podium.

Sebastian Vettel might flourish in Racing Point

It is a popular belief that Ferrari’s current car is not up to the standard of contesting against their main rivals, and need massive reforms in the structure of the organisation in order to flourish again.

Meanwhile, Racing Point though accused of copying from Mercedes, they are one of the rising teams in the paddock, and with Aston Martin joining them, it might make them even better.

With only a few races remaining in the season, Vettel is set to bid adieu to his current team and replace Sergio Perez at Racing Point.


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