The Boston Celtics won 92-87 in Game 7 to knock Pascal Siakam and the Toronto Raptors out of the playoffs

Tonight was not a good night for the defending champions. They got knocked out from the title race, after a very hard-fought 7 game series against the Celtics. Neither team shot particularly well, but the Raptors were hurt by their turnovers.

Pascal Siakam was not having a good series till yet, and Game 7 was no different. He went 5-12 from the field and scored 13 points while turning over the ball 5 times in the crucial do-or-die game. The Raptors were looking within striking distance till the initial stages of the 4th Quarter, where the Celtics took a commanding 10 point lead and the Raptors could not close out that gap.

Reporter grills Pascal Siakam in the post-game interview

The Raptors fans are not taking Spicy P’s poor showing well, and one reporter outright blurted what the people were thinking.

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Pascal ‘Spicy P’ Siakam responds to criticism

I take a lot of the blame, man“, Siakam says post-game. “I think it’s part of being in the league… It’s all part of how you respond to it… I come from a background of hard work and it’s another step for me… Obviously losing sucks, but all great players go through this… Its a learning experience

Raptors had big hopes from the 26year old, signing him on a $130mil, 4-year contract to try and fill the shoes that Kawhi Leonard left behind. The 2018-19 6th man of the year had a good season but wasn’t quite himself in the bubble.

The Raptors plan to bounce back next season. They were quite undermanned in the series, playing with only 8 players on the roster for the past 5 games. They put in their all, but the young Celtics had a stronger will and they took the series eventually.

However, the Raptors did not go home empty-handed. They were champions in fighting for Black Lives Matter and equality fights all throughout the Bubble and their contribution there would be invaluable.


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