One of the most versatile layup artists of all time, LeBron James has been using the spin move to devastating effect in this year’s playoffs, but he can’t pinpoint why.

The spin move has been a staple for LeBron since his early days in the league. Part of the reason why it’s so effective for him is his immense bulk and strength.

There hasn’t been a single wing player who’s strong enough to stop him putting his feet between theirs and making a spin move, especially in semi-transition or transition.

Why does LeBron James use the spin move so much?

Apart from its effectiveness in warding off his primary defender, James probably simply relishes being able to make unpredictable finishes off both feet. He’s a naturally ambidextrous baller with the ability to switch handles effectively. This makes him even better at executing those moves.

The Lakers star emphasised on how the move has been very loyal to him, as it has allowed him to score at will, especially in transition.

He admits that the move is unsuccessful on a few occasions too, but due to his size and speed, on most occasions, he is just acing it on the court.

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“I have no f—ing idea,” LeBron James said when asked about the sudden uptick in the number of spin moves he was dishing out this season

“I’m going to be completely honest. I have no idea when that became such a big part of my semi-transition. It’s a very effective move because of my size and my speed. [The majority] of the time, it’s successful. I’ve been unsuccessful with it a few times where guys have gotten a block or I haven’t gotten enough body contact and they’ve been able to challenge it a little bit more. But … it’s a pretty successful shot for me. Very balanced.” he added.

How is LeBron’s spin move different?

Unlike Giannis’ spin move, which is a bit more reliant on his ability to take big steps to the rim, James relies on speed and direction changes more.

His moves scream more finesse and are usually in more control, although Giannis definitely can yam it down with the best of them.


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