Dota 2 New Hero: Recently, Danko the Dolphin has created a lot of murmurs among the Dota 2 community. In this article, we take a look at the concept and weather Danko the Dolphin is coming to Dota 2.

Ever since Danko the Dolphin was mentioned in the Omega League, the community is filling up with speculation about it. There are also a lot of questions and doubts weather Danko the Dolphin could soon become a real Dota 2 hero.

Despite it sounding intriguing, Danko the Dolphin is only a concept right now. It is hard to expect Valve to come up with a name like Danko for one of their heroes in Dota 2. Despite having a versatile set of characters, Danko the Dolphin is creating a lot of buzz in Dota 2.

Danko has definitely confused the Dota 2 community. However, it is not simply a concept.,The hero’s skills and ultimate has already been described. All that’s left it to create it.

Let us take a look at this unique concept hero which has been the buzz of the Dota 2 community ever since the action packed Omega League ended. Here is the concept trailer which was released by WePlay during the Omega League on the YouTube channel.

Danko the Dolphin- Fake Hero Trailer

Danko the Dolphin Skills

Echo Location

Danko sends out a hyper sonic pulse which travels through the map & back. When it hits an enemy unit, an outline of the enemy is revealed to Danko and his allies.

So Long, And Thanks For All The Fish

Danko summons his pod after a short channel, which swims around him. If they contact an enemy, the will carry him on their back until they hit dry land. Both Danko and the pods can shift from one water source to another, but cannot return a used source.

Dank Dive

When near a body of water Danko can dive under the surface, gaining invisibility and increased movement speed. Upon reaching the edge, Danko flies through the air, traveling further the more speed he accumulated. Upon impact with land, Danko will stun all enemies in an AoE, dealing damage.

Puffer Punt (Ultimate)

Danko chews on the flesh of a pufferfish, inebriating himself & gaining resistance to all types of damage. After a short charge time, Danko spikes the pufferfish like a volleyball. When spiked, the pufferfish will leave behind a trail of water in its wake. If it hits an enemy, it will explode, slowing enemies in its AoE.


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