Among Us is currently one of the popular games of 2020 when it reached 1.5 million concurrent players even though the game released back in 2018.

Even though the  heavy load in the game servers it wont stop the growth of the game and influence of streamers will take the game to next level.

The newcomers to the game who don’t know much about the game read our article which explains the game.

The online game which basically a survival game has a simple design and has captivated millions.

It supports 4-10 players at once and can be played on Local Wifi for the mobile users.

For all the guys who want to know more about the cross platform the article describes your needs.

Does Among Us support cross platform?If yes how?

Yes it supports cross platform between mobile and PC which is always a good news for the new players.

Regardless of IOS or Android or PC you can connect together in a private session in the Online tab.

The host will get the code and he will provide the code to his mates who can join the session in the private game tab.

The host can make changes to the game settings to have more fun.

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