Reigning Featherweight champion, Alexander Volkanovski opens about a potential trilogy fight with Max Holloway, and did not dismissed the idea of going up against him again.

Alexander Volkanovski and Max Holloway are two of the most renowned fighters in UFC, let alone featherweight division. The two have met twice in the Octagon (UFC 245 and UFC 251), and both times it was Volkanovski who prevailed. While in the first encounter, he won via unanimous decision, the second one went down to the wire, and the judges handed him a split decision victory. The result of the second bout instigated debates, and some even called it a robbery on the part of Holloway, and thus possibilities regarding a third consecutive bout became apparent, with Dana White as well not entirely closing the idea, up front.

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Alexander Volkanovski Opens Up About a Potential Trilogy Fight With Max Holloway

Now the dust has settled, it seems the talks and speculations regarding Volkanovski Vs. Holloway 3, have simmered down. However, in a recent chat with MMA Junkie, the Featherweight champion did addressed the matter, and conveyed he is open to fight the “Blessed” one again, but not anytime soon. “I think later down the track, it’s a big fight, it’s a big opportunity. Even though I’m 2-0, there still seems like there’s still unfinished business, you could sort of say. But obviously to rematch right now, when Dana White and a few people were saying let’s do a trilogy, just seemed crazy to me. And obviously they knew that was pretty crazy, so they stopped that pretty quick.

“I think it’s a big fight. I think it’s something that could definitely happen. But again, it’s not anytime soon. Even though he’s still up there, he just needs a couple of fights, and obviously I need to play on in the division. I need to move on, and later down the track, maybe we can do it and that would be a huge fight. So I would never say no to that later down the track, but right now that’s just not the fight to make.”

Why Alexander Volkanovski Vs. Max Holloway 3, Cannot Take Place Instantly?

After the classic clash at UFC 251, Alexander Volkanovski Vs. Max Holloway 3, would be sell-out fight, yet it is not feasible to book the fixture straightway. The two have been a part of a 50-minute skirmish, and it is “The Great” who have dominated for the large extent. So, while Volkanovski’s third successive win would close the chapter for good, but the opposite result would open the threshold of another rematch, which would be bizarre. Four consecutive bouts (Presumably) between the same two fighters, think!. Isn’t it monotonous?, even if it takes place (Largely unlikely), won’t that be unfair on the part of other competitors.

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