AJ Styles names WWE Legend he wants to face at Wrestlemania. The Phenomenal One took on the Undertaker this year and wants another big name next year.

AJ Styles is currently involved in a 3-way feud with Jeff Hardy and Sami Zayn for the Intercontinental Championship. However, he already has his eyes on the person he wants to face at Wrestlemania and it’s not Zayn or Hardy.

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Styles, who faced The Undertaker at this year’s Wrestlemania, wants to face another WWE Legend at the showcase of the immortals. The Phenomenal One called out the person on his Twitch stream telling him to let him know if he wants to go.

AJ Styles names WWE Legend he wants to face at Wrestlemania

“I would love to wrestle Triple H [at WrestleMania],” Styles said. “I really want to get in the ring with him. There’s always a reason – it’s not just because he’s Triple H. I always love getting to learn from guys like that.

“Wrestling The Undertaker was awesome for me. To have that – I’ve tagged with Triple H in Japan, but I’ve never went up against him. The challenge is out there, Triple H. If you want some of The Phenomenal One, let me know and we’ll take care of business. If you want me to come down to NXT and do it in front of your NXT family, then that’s the way it has to be. Just let me know!”

Styles also revealed that CM Punk was a person he never wanted to have a match with.

“Nope. That will never happen… I don’t have to go into detail about that one. I think it’s pretty obvious where things stand. I’m not a fan.”

Styles was scheduled to face Jeff Hardy for the Intercontinental title on this week’s episode of SmackDown. However, Sami Zayn interfered and interrupted the match. While Styles won by disqualification, the title did not change hands.

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