Xbox Series S: Microsoft recently released information on the Xbox Series S and the budget console does look promising. It could be an attempt to draw away customers from the allure of the PS5 and towards the Xbox.

The quoted price of the Xbox Series S by Microsoft is $299. The console also has the much-awaited RDNA2 GPU from AMD inside it. But unlike the Xbox Series X, it has a far lesser processing power of around 4 teraflops. Here is what we know about it so far.

It offers nearly the same experience as the Xbox Series X

  • This is the primary reason why we think the Series S will do well. The relatively low price point of $299 still allows you to game at 1440p at up to 120 FPS. Other than that, content can be upscaled to 4K as well.
  • The Series S is completely digital and does not have an option for a disk drive. It comes with a storage of NVME 512 GB  SSD and is expandable up to an extra 1 TB.
  • It allows 4K streaming media playback so you can watch your videos in super high quality unhindered.
  • The series S boasts of ultra-low latency and will reduce the net lag that you experience while playing online games.
  • It offers DirectX Ray Tracing while gaming so even at 1440p you would still experience astonishing graphics as well as very aesthetically appealing gameplay.

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Still a big jump from previous-gen consoles

Despite the reduced form factor, the series S is a substantial upgrade from older consoles and is a far more powerful package compared to its all-digital predecessor the Xbox One S.

A host of games including Assassin’s Creed: Valhalla and at least 100+ major gaming titles as well are going to be compatible with the Series S and gamers can enjoy the newer games at a better level than ever before.


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