When Did Among Us Become Popular: The Indie deception game Among Us is one of the most popular game this summer, as it gained a massive audience even though released in 2018.

With the release of Fall Guys, it became most popular game out there dominating streaming viewership’s but there has been rise in the admiration towards Among Us.

What is Among Us?

Among Us is a social deception game developed by the Indie-Studio InnerSloth and it is considered as the chaotic alternative to Fall Guys.

It has taken time for the game to take the main stage wit it being released in 2018 which had a modest following.

Until this summer where it reached 1.5 millions concurrent players across the different versions of the game as said by InnerSloth.

The game challenges 4-10 players to repair a spaceship by completing talks while impostors try to kill them off.

The game’s sole developer and co-founder Forest Willard is admirable over the fact the game has reached the level of rapid success he never expected.

He also said that he has worked over time to lodge the overflowing players to accommodate the matchmaking.

Why is it popular?

The game appeals to the niche of players who not only get attracted to play with friends but also love watching it. Since personalities differ in people there will be outburst in emotions full of laughter anger and enjoyment.

Tensions begin to rise as people become paranoid about  losing and also get scared about getting found out. Seeing some of the most popular streamers have come along to enjoy the game.

The thrill and shrill during every moment of the game allows audience of streamers to enjoy more and provides good quality content.

Streamers like xQc, shroud, Ninja and Tim all have joined the Among Us army and it keeps getting better and better.


Among Us will have sequel Among Us 2 which was recently announced which will be designed to handle the player base and will have changes to the current matchmaking issue.


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