Sergio Perez News: McLaren interested in hiring Sergio Perez if he is willing to make a switch to IndyCar racing in 2021.

The lengthy Sebastian Vettel to Racing Point saga came to an end after Sergio Perez announced his departure from the team. But, it is still unknown where will Perez go next year.

The Mexican driver has admitted that he has received several offers in the meantime and will reflect on all the desirable possibilities for the next season.

Amidst all of this, Mclaren has also reportedly lined up an offer, but it is not in F1. The British based team is interested in launching Perez in the IndyCar if he is willing to do it.

“He’ll probably end up in Formula 1, [that] is my guess, at either Haas or Alfa Romeo,” Brown said. “But if he had an interest in IndyCar, I think he’s a great race car driver, and we’d definitely be interested in talking to him.”

McLaren moved into IndyCar full-time in 2020 through a partnership with Schmidt Peterson Motorsports, establishing Arrow McLaren SP.

Brown said that although the team only had funding for two cars currently, he would be open to running a third car full-time for Perez if a commercial case was viable.

“We would need the funding for three cars, and at this point, we only have the funding for two cars. So we wouldn’t be in a position to sign him today, but it would be something that, in-between the backing that he’s historically had, and the commercial activity that we’ve got going on, and the excitement someone like Sergio would create, we would certainly look to see if we could put it together.”

Sergio Perez showed interest in IndyCar

Perez previously has expressed his interest in IndyCar, saying he would one day like to race in the Indianapolis 500. Moreover, his return to Formula 1 will always remain on the card.

Just like Fernando Alonso left Formula 1 and raced in IndyCar before moving back to Renault for 2021 season. But at the same time, its highly probable that Perez might remain in F1.


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