Royale Passes are being boycotted by outraged Clash Royale players. No Pass September, says the community! The movement sparked on Reddit yesterday.

There is no doubt of the fact that the CR community’s reaction to the Clan Wars 2.0 update has been nothing short of a nightmare for Supercell. The players are frustrated and have reached the boiling point. Things could not have been worse.

Why the massive outrage? Why the boycott of Royale Passes?

The absence of a level cap in the new Clan War system makes things much harder for the F2P players. They were already struggling with the game’s limited scope for free progression. The update provides even more of an advantage to maxed out players and those with Royale Passes. Therefore, it feels more and more like an attempt on Supercell’s part to get more money out of the game.

Doubling down on the misery, Supercell also managed to shrewdly switch the Queue Chest and Gem Chest buttons. This has led to plenty of accidental gemmings and disgruntled players in a scandal that is being called Buttongate. As a result, the company has come across as unsympathetic and rather greedy to its fans. In opposition to this apparent injustice, players have decided to boycott Supercell by refusing to buy the Royale Passes this season.

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Supercell’s Reaction to boycott of Royale Passes.

Whether there will be any long-term quality-of-life improvements that emerge from this strike, one cannot say for sure. However, the outrage definitely seems to have gotten the company flustered for the moment. Supercell has begun reimbursing players who lost gems to the Buttongate incident last season. Moreover, they are awarding Royale Passes to some players out of the blue in a move that seems unethically appeasing.

The Reaction of the Community in return.

Many players have already threatened to quit the game. Others are being more patient and insisting that Supercell make an apology for their miserable update. According to them, it is better to take responsibility and fix things instead of just giving out Royale Passes. Moreover, some players have decided to call their favourite YouTubers into action. They are asking the YouTubers to clear the air with Supercell.

All of this frustration comes at the end of a 2-year long wait that saw the game suffer from a major Update drought. It also left players bored and disappointed.

Supercell has definitely failed to fix things the way they had promised with Clan Wars 2.0 and are suffering from the aftermath.


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