Bronny James takes his dunk game to newer heights, performing a windmill at a closed off gym.

LeBron James’s eldest son, Bronny, has been in the news ever since he stepped foot onto a basketball court. Fame was bound to follow him. After all, he is LeBron James’s son.

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Bronny has shown a lot of promise as a basketball player as he is seen taking giant leaps in his game every single year. Just 2 years ago, Bronny was not even able to touch the rim and now videos of him dunking on a regulation hoop surface every other week.

Bronny James windmills it with ease

The vibes were immaculate for Bronny at this gym, with no one to disturb him, and Lil Baby playing in the background, he was bound to show off a new asset he acquired above the rim.

Bronny drives hard to the rim and takes off of one foot to slam in a windmill. Reminder, he’s only 15 years old.

NBA Twitter blew up, praising Bronny for his dunk. NBA Twitter’s reaction can be summarised in one tweet.

How has Bronny been performing for his high school team?

Faze Clan’s newest member entered his freshman year of high school in 2019 and has only played 6 varsity games for his high school, Sierra Canyon.

In those 6 varsity games, he put up averages of 6.8 points and 0.3 rebounds. In total he’s scored only 41 points throughout his high school career.

Those averages were the reason as to why many people were unhappy with the fact he was ranked 24 in his class of 2023. Fans believed the only reason he was ranked so much higher than other players in his class was because he LeBron James’s son.

Though Bronny has put up subpar stats so far, he has shown glimpses of what he can truly be, and windmilling at age 15 is a great start.


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