Playing his first playoffs ever, Alex Caruso has been a rock for the Lakers off the bench and made a powerful statement post Game 4 win vs Rockets

Alex Caruso has not had the easiest path in his career. He went undrafted in 2016, was signed by the Philadelphia 76ers’ summer league team. He was signed by Thunder is September 2016, only to be waived in October. OKC Blue signed him in November.

Caruso joined the Lakers’ summer league team in 2017 and was pivotal in them winning the Summer League championship. This led him to a 2-way contract with the Lakers. Alex Caruso signed another two-way contract with the Lakers after yet another strong showing in the 2018 Summer league. He had a good season with the Lakers which led him to sign a 2 year, $5.5 mil contract with them.

“I got here because I’m confident,” Alex Caruso opens up after Game 4

Alex Caruso is in the playoffs for the first time since he joined the NBA in 2016 and he is showing up big. He has been a consistent force for the Lakers, coming off the bench. He’s a wonderful defender and is equally as good on the offensive end. We saw his offensive prowess tonight as he shot the 3 to seal the win for the Lakers.

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LeBron James, Anthony Davis all praise for Alex Caruso

Following the dominating Game 4 win, LeBron James was all praise for Caruso. In the post-game presser, he said, “This was AC’s ninth playoff game, and he’s grown and grown from that first one to today.”

This shows us the amount of respect the King has for AC.

Anthony Davis also mentioned the impact Caruso has on the Lakers team and how much his presence boosts the team. Caruso has worked hard in his time in the league and has earnt the recognition and the respect of a lot of big players. This just gives us hope of how good a career he may have.


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