On TNT’s award-winning show Inside the NBA, Charles Barkley came up with another gem of a comment, saying LeBron James doesn’t have the hair to justify wearing a durag.

Chuck, as NBA fans fondly know Charles Barkley, is really a national treasure. His rants on topics like ‘Big ole San Antonio women’ have left people in hysterics in the past.

The 11-time All Star was in his element after the Lakers’ win yesterday in the TNT studio. He left no stone unturned in taking the Mickey out of King James.

Charles Barkley’s hilarious comment on LeBron James wearing a durag

LeBron James was first spotted wearing a durag during his stint with the Heat. Chuck is hardly the first to roast LeBron for sporting the headgear.

Teammate and best friend Dwyane Wade was among the first to put him to the sword for donning this cap-like canopy. In fairness, only people with long hair have worn durags with any sort of regularity.

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Nor is this the first time that Barkley has put James under the scanner for this practice. In fact, just under 8 years ago, he used virtually the same insult when referring to LeBron wearing a durag in public.

LeBron’s hairline anyway has been mocked a little too much throughout his career in the NBA, but off late the Lakers star has been seen embracing his premature bald head.

Given how the Round Mound of Rebound is always too jocular to be taken seriously, LeBron will definitely just play along with the love whenever they meet up next.

Meanwhile, Inside the NBA is going to be another laugh parade if James is spotted with this headgear again.


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