Top scorer for the Rockets in Game 4 with 25 points, Westbrook had an iffy post game presser in which he said his teammates need to be ready to sacrifice more.

The Houston Rockets went into a virtually unassailable 3-1 deficit today. They lost 110-100 despite obtaining 15 more points each from the free throw line and the 3-point line – the first time such a thing has happened in NBA history. James Harden had one of the worst playoff games of his career, tallying just 2 field goals.

Russell Westbrook on teammates needing to sacrifice

Westbrook was clearly down on his teammates’ efforts on the night. He said there was ‘no explanation’ for why the team was so down on offense during the first half. The Rockets posted a postseason low of only 33 3-pointers attempted. This total is much lower than the 45 3-pointers Daryl Morey advocates his teams to take every game.

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He called out James Harden and all of his teammates for refusing to show any intent all through the game. Harden was miserable from the field, getting only 2 buckets.

The Lakers played some excellent defense on Harden’s iso and Russell Westbrook. The duo couldn’t have gotten to their points totals without the Lakers being in the penalty for over 70% of the second half.

Only 12 teams have ever made it back from a 3-1 deficit. LeBron James has not dropped a single series with a 2-1 advantage in over 9 years. The odds are more heavily stacked against the Rockets than ever. The dysfunction within the team environment with the finger pointing and House’s indiscretions have only made things worse for them.


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