Fortnight Update: Epic Games released the much awaited Fortnite Stark Industries update earlier today. In V14.10 update the Nexus War heats up as the fan favorite superhero Iron Man and his Stark Industries are introduced to players.

Team Fortnite says the famous facility “emerges from the Rift with between worlds.” Gamers are also treated with new superpowers, weapons and even a special game mode. Here are a few things gamers can expect and experience in the new update –

Exploring Stark Industries –

The Armored Avenger’s tech savvy Stark Industries campus can be found on the North east of the map and is pretty hard to miss. The new area also includes three Iron man cars that are significantly faster than a normal car. Gamers can explore the area or loot and even come face to face and fight with the superhero himself.

Exciting new super powers –

Upon successfully fighting and eliminating Iron Man players can recover Repulsor Gauntlets, the hard hitting Unibeam and an Iron Man key card. The Repulsor Gauntlets can fire from a distance and inflict 20 damage. While the Unibeam is a powerful ray which shoots through buildings and even Metal walls to inflict heavy damage. No one stands a chance!

Face-Off with Galactus’ robot drones –

players can see that the forces of Galactus have been swarming the island recently. The AI controlled Gatherer Drones are scouring the field for loot but they are loot themselves. Upon defeating them the robot henchmen deactivate and turn into their weapon form. Pick them up as soon as you can as the deactivated Gatherers are highly unstable and explode if you are not quick enough.

A new game mode – Marvel Knockout

Similar to the recent fan favorite game mode Operation: Knockout, v14.10 adds a new game mode called Marvel Knockout. Knockout game mode pits you against other teams as you battle it out using your favorite super powers. Showcase your skills and see if you can be the last team standing. Point to be noted, it is a limited time event and probably be phased out in a week.

Fortnite’s new season started on August 27th and its all about Marvel Superheroes, the Nexus war and the impending arrival of Galactus.With New locations, new weapons and chaachters Epic Games have captured the intrigue of fans and gamers alike.


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