ENCE have issued a statement that their coach Slaava “⁠Twista⁠” Räsänen has suspended until further notice for one time usage of the coaching bug back in 2017.

The org contacted Esports Integrity Commission (ESIC) to investigate their coach’s  involvement in the matter and decided to act that the Finnish Coach veteran used the infamous bug.

As the incident happened in 2017, it mostly relates to his time at iGame.com where he transitioned from a player to coach in late 2016.

It is still unknown to what extent he had exploited the bug.

ENCE reported that they no  reason to believe whether Twista used the bug to his advantage since his start at the org back in August 2018.

The org will now wait for ESIC to conclude their investigation which is expected to take around 2 to 3 weeks.

Twista has joined a long list of coaches who have admitted their use of the exploit.

His confession comes in the official “confessional period”, ESIC have started the investigation on September 13.

Until now,  ⁠zoneR, HUNDEN and dead are the current coaches who have received bans in the process.

More bans are likely to follow as the report of investigation from ESIC follows through.


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