Danuel House has been the talk of the Bubble in the last day. The Rockets star was suspended for sneaking a Covid-19 testing lady into his room. Shannon Sharpe has now mocked him.

Things have been going from bad to worse for Rockets. While they have their hands full against a well-oiled Lakers defense, they now have to deal with Danuel House being suspended.

The Rockets star has been a pivotal ‘rotation player’ and has been banking home the 3s to complement the small-ball strategy implemented by Mike D’Antoni.

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His absence has been hurting Rockets, which is quite evident from their Game 3 and Game 4 losses.

On ‘Undisputed’, Shannon Sharpe and Skip Bayless discussed the latest scandal to hit the Bubble and were actually empathetic towards House(mocking him subtly).

‘Danuel House wanted more COVID tests’- Shannon Sharpe

Shannon Sharpe had a brilliant outlook towards the House controversy. He brought in the ‘convenience’ angle and commented that maybe House wanted to get more COVID-19 tests done.

The comment was a hilarious one, and Sharpe went onto explain how whenever he needs to get a physical done, he too ends up inviting the medical practitioner to his house.

His point being that maybe House was just looking for some convenience with respect to his Covid-19 tests.

Obviously all of that was sarcastic from Shannon Sharpe, but it was brilliantly put.

Skip Bayless kept nodding along all through Sharpe’s sarcastic explanation, further adding to the humor of it all.

What next for Danuel House?

According to a latest report from The Athletic, it seems that both House and Tyson Chandler were involved in sneaking the woman into their hotel.

While the woman did mention Chandler, she did not really reveal House’ involvement. However, NBAs investigation has revealed that House too was involved and thus has suspended him until the investigation is complete.

With the NBA confirming that they have most of their evidence in place, it seems like Rockets will be without their star bench performer for the entire Lakers playoff series.


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