Clash Royale Esports: The Meta just got spammier! – Post Clan War 2.0 Balance Update and how community reacted on it.

Ever since the birth of the infamous, super-cheese E-golem about a year ago, the Clash Royale meta just keeps getting spammier with every new season. The post Clan War 2.0 update, which gave another buff to the Zappies, makes one more new addition to an ever-increasing list of spammy cards.

Check out Boss_Cr’s New Video in order to find out how you can make Zappies viable again after their first hit speed received an 18% buff!

Here’s Supercell’s tweet of all the Cards they balanced in this update:

Mixed Reactions.

As usual, there is a mixed reaction to the increased spam on Reddit and Twitter.
On the one hand, the ill-feeling among the serious players towards the game has gotten stronger since the flopped Clan Wars 2.0 update. The hate for Spam as something toxic and low-skill has increased. B-rad’s increasing frustration on streams makes it apparent. * miner crying noises *

However, on the other hand, there are an ever-increasing number of players who’re starting to accept and use the new meta with an increase in the, once largely underused, clone spell.

The Pros and Cons of Wham-Bam-Spam.

This acceptance is both good and bad news for the game. It does lead to less discontent and more positive reactions, which is a good thing. However, as more and more professionals and skilful amateurs play spam to stay viable, the depth in the gameplay, which has been Clash Royale’s greatest strength since day 1, will drop drastically. More and more decks will turn match dependent and individual skill will get pushed into the background.

Clash With Ash’s latest video featuring the Giant skeleton-skeleton barrel-clone deck is a perfect example of this toxic phenomenon.

The latest buff to the bomber (with a 5% faster hit speed) may turn out to be a little useful for anti-spam purposes. However, come to think of it, the bomber has historically been a part of Golem Clone and similar spam decks, so this might increase, instead of decreasing the spam.

Whichever camp you may be on, the go-spam or anti-spam, one thing’s for certain, this new meta, with a weird set of buffs and nerfs, is sure to bring some interesting decks back into action.

Check out some of the best decks to be used for this meta, here.

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Also, stay tuned for future posts and the beginning of the CRL West Fall Season!

Good Luck and keep clashing!


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