Anthony Davis and Dog: In his post-game conference, Anth0ny Davis got a rather unusual question in the form of woofs.

Anthony Davis had a big game tonight, so we expected a lot of questions in his post-game interview. Anthony Davis led his team with 29 points and 12 rebounds as the Lakers took a 3-1 lead in the series. The Lakers were spectacular on the defensive end and equally as dominating on the offensive end.

The league only allowed a handful of reporters to enter the bubble, so the press-conferences happen via online video calls. Considering the status of the virus, work from home is the trend and the reporters are following that as well.

“All I heard was roof roof” Anthony Davis’ presser crashed by a dog

Anthony Davis was in high spirits after the win and took it lightly when a reporter’s dog barked while she was asking AD a question.

Will the Lakers seal the deal in Game 5 or will the Rockets fight back?

After the strong showing in Game 1, Houston was outplayed by the Lakers in the next three games. The Lakers understood that the Rockets would come at them with pace to compensate for their size disadvantage and they found a good way to counter that. The Lakers have been going full steam at the Rockets with their own pace and have been killing Houston with their transition scoring.

The Rockets were dominated at the boards tonight and they were not able to capitalize on the turnovers as well as the Lakers did. If the Rockets want to force a Game 6, they would have to work a lot harder on the defensive end. At the end of the day, a successful defense generates a successful offense and the Lakers have proven it in this series.

Coach D’Antoni would also have to douse the fire that might have been lit by Westbrook’s comments about Harden and the rest of the team. 

Game 5 takes place on Saturday at 8pm ET.


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