Alex Caruso has been balling out in the Playoffs and that has made Houston fans mad, so much so that a Rockets podcaster ranted about how ‘average’ he is.

Alex Caruso is playing his first-ever post-season and he hasn’t disappointed us. An incredible talent coming off the bench for the Lakers. A defensive stronghold and a threat on the offense, Caruso has been doing it all for the Lakers.

While the Lakers family is all praise for the Caruso, the case is not the same for the Houston fans. Rockets fans have been losing their minds over how Alex Caruso has been doing better than a lot of their own starters and it has resulted in some hilarious memes.

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The Dream Shake can’t handle Alex Caruso scoring 16

The Dream Shake is one of the biggest media houses fully dedicated to the Rockets. They could not swallow yesterday’s loss, especially the role Alex Caruso had in it. Caruso had a well above his average night, scoring 16 points, including the dagger 3 that sealed the game.

The podcaster even went on a massive rant against Harden, who once again disappeared in the 4th quarter of a must-win encounter.

Rockets fans hoping for a comeback in Game 5

The Rockets entered the series looking like they may upset the Lakers, with their strong showing in Game 1.

The Lakers were not kidding around when they said they were getting a feel for the Rockets in Game 1, because they have bounced back 3-0 to now lead the series 3-1.

The Rockets have a lot 0f work in front of them, if they plan to keep their championship dreams alive.

The Rockets stars need to own up to their responsibility and prove why they’re paid the big bucks. Except the Game 1, Harden has had no good showing, especially last night, where he finished with just 2 made field goals, and he attempted zero shots in the entire 4th quarter. Russ was a bit better, but not good enough to take the Rockets over the line.


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