When Tom Brady hit free agency back in March, the widespread belief is that he had narrowed his choices down to two possible teams before making the decision head to Tampa Bay. Besides the Buccaneers, Brady was also giving serious consideration to signing with the Chargers. As it turns out though, it seems there was a third mystery team involved in the Brady sweepstakes and things apparently got serious enough with this team that they made Brady’s “final list” of teams he would be willing to play for. According to Dan Patrick, that mystery team was the Chicago Bears!

Patrick revealed the shocking news during his show on Thursday. 

“The final list that Brady was looking at: The Chargers, the Bears, and the Buccaneers,” Patrick said. “I was told this yesterday, and I went ‘Wait a minute. The Bears?’ [My Source] said ‘Yes.’ Brady was considering the Bears.”


That’s news that Bears probably wish they had never heard. The Bears made it no secret that they were in the market for a quarterback this offseason, and although there were plenty of free agents available, the team ended up trading for Nick Foles. The Foles deal went down on March 18, which was two days before Brady ended up signing with the Buccaneers. 

Under that timeline, it seems very possible that the Bears wanted a decision from Brady about where he was going to sign before free agency started on March 20. With no assurances that he was going to sign in Chicago, the Bears probably decided to move on from the idea that they might be able to land Brady and trade for Foles. 

“The fact that he was considering the Bears, Chicago at least — because he wanted to be able to be in proximity to New York where his son is,” Patrick said. “So he’s got a son with Bridget Moynahan and they live in New York and he wanted to be able to be close enough to him, but ended up taking Tampa Bay.”

The Bears would have definitely fit the mold of a team that Brady was looking to play for. They have a strong defense, solid skill players and seem to be a quarterback away from competing for a Super Bowl. Of course, in the end, the Bears didn’t land Brady, and although they did land the guy who beat Brady in the Super Bowl, that’s probably not going to be viewed as a good consolation prize for Bears fans, especially since that guy couldn’t even beat out Mitchell Trubisky for the starting quarterback job in Chicago. 

After competing with Foles all through training camp, Trubisky was named the team’s starter last week for the Bears’ opener against the Lions. 


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