Thanks to gambling, the start of the NFL season is always a time to celebrate in Las Vegas, but this year, the celebration is going to be even bigger, and that’s because the start of the 2020 season will mark the Raiders’ debut in Sin City. 

Although the Raiders won’t be playing their first home game until Week 2 (Sept. 21), the city is already in celebration mode, and we know that, because, well, just look at what they did to the Statute of Liberty. With the NFL season set to kick off on Thursday night, the people of Vegas decided to mark the occasion by outfitting Lady Liberty in what might be the largest NFL jersey in human history. 

As you may or may not have noticed, Lady Liberty is also following local healthy guidelines by wearing a mask. Good for her. 

The one thing that’s not clear is why she decided to wear No. 20. Although it’s very likely that has to do with the fact that the Raiders are making their Vegas debut in 2020, it’s also possible that she’s a huge Darren McFadden fan, and let’s also not rule out that she might have a soft spot for rookie corner Damon Arnette. 

When the NFL approved the Raiders move to Vegas, part of the city’s allure is that they go all out with everything, and as you can see, the Statue of Liberty is no exception. 

Every Raiders home game likely would have been one big party on the strip this year, but unfortunately, that won’t be happening due to the pandemic. The team has already announced that fans won’t be allowed to attend games in 2020, which means the Raiders won’t be playing in front of a sell-out crowd at home until 2021. 


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