The Danuel House-bubble breach saga has been the most talked about news in the last 24 hours with the Rockets star having sneaked a Covid-19 testing lady into his room.

Rockets have been jolted with  blow for their series vs Lakers, as House has been ruled out of tonight’s game 4 as well, owing to his Bubble protocol breach.

According to the reports released by ‘Woj’ and Shams Charania, Danuel House sneaked in a Covid-19 testing lady into his room. While both House and the lady were in the Bubble itself, the protocols placed explicitly mentioned that players could not invite the ‘testing personnel’ into their hotel rooms.

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But how did the NBA get to know about the protocol breach from House? A theory on Twitter suggests that LeBron James could be the snitch behind this controversy.

Did LeBron James snitch on Danuel House?

While there have been many theories regarding how Danuel House was caught, the most ‘in the face’ theory is about LeBron James actually informing the NBA of the breach.

The theory is based on tweets from ‘Cuff’, who goes by the Twitter handle, ‘Cuffsthelegend’.

Post game 3, when the news of House not taking the court had been slid under the carpet, ‘Cuff’ tweeted about how Shams and Woj would shortly reveal what ‘House had really done’.

Cuff clearly implied that he knew something that the other didn’t, despite he himself not being in the Bubble. He even went onto explicitly state that House had invited some random ‘Internet woman’ to his room in the Bubble.

Now, where and how does LeBron come into the picture here?

LeBron James has had a long-standing friendship with ‘Cuff’, and the duo have multiple times exchanged tweets with each other in the past.

The ‘Cuff and LeBron James’ angle

With ‘Cuff’ having access to information from inside the Bubble and his relationship with LeBron having been brought to the fore; connecting the dots and concluding that LeBron informed Cuff about the House situation is a fairly easy task.

Moreover, according to Cuff’s first tweet about Danuel House, it is clear that he was aware of the situation right after Game 3. At this point of time, no concrete tweets about House’s absence had been put up and only people involved in the investigation of the incident would have been aware about it.(along with few people from the Rockets camp).

And with Cuff getting hold of information before everyone in the Bubble and his only major source being LeBron James, it could be inferred that LeBron James was part of the investigation of House’ protocol breach(maybe as a witness or a snitch).

If LeBron did snitch on House, here was simply doing what was best for everyone inside the Bubble, as a breach could have caused complications. However, one cannot overlook the fact that Lakers would significantly benefit from House’s absence in the series.

While it is highly unlikely that the NBA would reveal who ratted House out, the ‘Cuff-LeBron James’ theory does make you think twice.

What next for Danuel House?

House has currently been suspended for Game 4 and if the NBA is able to prove that there infact was a breach in protocol, he would have to quarantine for 10 days, thereby ruling him out of the ongoing Western Conference semi-finals. However, if House is able to prove his innocence, it will be interesting to see how the Rockets respond to this suspension.


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