A crucial member of the Rockets squad, Danuel House missed Game 3 for bringing a girl into the bubble who was neither his wife nor girlfriend.

The 6’7″ forward had suffered a head injury in the Rockets’ Game 2 loss. Many expected him to have missed yesterday’s game because of that reason.

Danuel House sneaks woman into the Bubble

But as it transpired, he sneaked in a girl into the bubble who wasn’t officially his girlfriend. In truth, a one-day suspension seems like light retribution for such a rule breaking.

The rumor mill suggests that the suspension will stand until the NBA decide what kind of punishment House deserves. At a time when the NBA is working tirelessly to ensure no Covid-19 cases creep into the Bubble, this is extremely irresponsible behaviour on Danuel House’s part

Fans bring in the Danuel House – Taylor Rooks angle

When the rumor about House sneaking in a random woman into the Bubble broke out, fans on twitter started speculating if Danuel House sneaked in long time NBA reporter, Taylor Rooks.

However, that can’t be the case, as Taylor Rooks has been in the Bubble for sometime now. Fans, however, have completely disregarded that fact and have started trolling her left, right and centre.

So much so that Taylor Rooks had to come up with a tweet regarding that.

Now, while nothing has been confirmed by the Rockets or the NBA, but from all the whispers going around, there is certainity around the fact that House tried sneaking a woman into the Bubble and was caught. His availability for the Lakers playoff series is a major, major doubt.

Danuel House misses practice today with headache

House was adjudged to be unfit for today’s practice earlier in the day with a headache. It could or could not be unrelated to his Game 2 injury.

As things stand, the Rockets are staring down the barrel of imminent defeat at the hands of The King and a superior roster. They will need one of their most consistent performers over the course of the season to chip in to have a chance.

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House vowed to make up for his error-filled postseason of 2019 this year before the start of the playoffs. But after a good first-round series, his impact on this current Semifinals series has been highly suspect. The Lakers have run him off the 3-point line hard, and his game has been predictable as a result.


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