“The NBA is whack,” says Craig Sager Jr. after the NBA supports the Black Lives Matter movement.

In a time when tensions are high in the United States regarding the unjust systemic racism black folk face on a day-to-day basis at the hands of the police, Craig Sager Jr. had this to say on Twitter.

Who is Craig Sager?

Craig Sager Jr. is the son of legendary NBA reporter Craig Sagar who began his affiliation with the NBA all the way back in 1981. He was a very well respected and well-liked figure in not just the NBA world but the sports world as a whole.

Sadly, Craig Sager passed away in December 2016 after a long-fought battle with leukemia.

This was obviously a traumatic experience for Craig Sagar Jr. and so Craig Sager Jr. decided to air out his frustrations on Twitter.

Sager Jr. claims that the NBA is focusing a tad bit too much on the Black Lives Matter movement, instead of continuing to honour the legacy of his late father.

How was Craig Sager Jr.’s statement received?

The NBA is known for being a ‘woke’ league, always addressing issues that need to be addressed. The most recent example being the NBA’s and the NBPA’s full for the Black Lives Matter movement, throughout this NBA restart in the Bubble.

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Craig Sager Jr. has the right to request the NBA to continue honouring his late father but to attack the peaceful protests the NBPA has put forth so far seems to be a very morally misguided decision on Craig Jr.’s part.

NBA Twitter has also not taken this statement lightly as they have condemned his take with various users blocking him on the social media platform.

Craig Sager has responded to his nay-sayers with very nonchalant replies, basically doubling down on his take.


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