16x All-Star, 4x MVP, and 3x NBA Champion LeBron James has suffered a calf injury and has been listed on Lakers’ injury list for tonight’s game vs Rockets. 

LeBron James has been having a wonderful series against the Rockets. He’s been phenomenal on both the offensive and defensive end of the floor. The Lakers supported their leader and backed him up all along.

In the Lakers’ Game 3 win, LeBron made an NBA playoff record of most wins by a player, at 162. No other active player is anywhere close to the top 10 spots, so we can safely say that King James is going to retain this crown for a while.

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Is LeBron James playing tonight vs Rockets

Lakers’ injury report for tonight’s game vs Rockets suggests that LeBron James suffered a right calf contusion during Game 3 vs Rockets. He is currently listed as ‘probable’, but should be able to take the court. 

LBJ had a huge Game 3 performance of 36points, 7 rebounds, 6 assists, and 4 big blocks. Lakers’ status report for Game 4:

Even though LeBron has been on the injury chart a few times before, he hasn’t missed a game in the playoffs yet, and its’ unlikely that he would miss the Game tonight.

Will the Lakers take the 3-1 lead, or will the Rockets even things out 2-2?

The Game tonight is going to be one that determines the fate of this series.

Can the Lakers take a huge advantage of going up 3 games to 1? Can they hold off the 3-time consecutive scoring titleholder James Harden, and Russ Westbrook? Can they keep up their pace and intensity?

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Would the Rockets be able to even things out? Does Harden have enough to propel his team to a win, without Danuel House Jr.’s contributions off the bench?

These are all just questions that would remain so until the match starts at 7pm ET tonight.


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